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The Body Elite Way

Published 07/23/2012 @ 4:19 pm

At The Body Elite Personal Training, our mission is to provide our community with the highest expertise, tools, and support to achieve their best state of health for a balanced and happy life!  Our certified personal trainers and nutritionists have served Fort Bend County and surrounding areas for 10 years.  We offer the absolute best in individual and group personal training; indoor fitness boot camps; Yoga; and personalized nutrition services including meal planning for individuals or families, grocery store educational tours, in home kitchen and pantry reorganization, and our monthly Nutrition 101 classes.


Since our founding in 2002, The Body Elite personal training and nutrition team has affected positive change in people's lives in Sugar Land, Missouri City, and all of Fort Bend County.  We successfully motivate individuals of all ages and fitness levels to lose weight, improve health, feel good, and enjoy life.  We do this through effective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle practices.  We teach our clients to live healthier.


Our personal trainers work out of a private studio environment, not a crowded gym.  Every program we create is customized to our clients need, goals, health concerns, fitness level, and activities you enjoy.  We do not require memberships.  All of our personal trainers and nutritionists have Masters Degrees in our fields.  Out of about 250 personal training certifications in the United States, we have the three most prestigious and rigorous certifications:  NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and The Chek Institute.  We are passionate, we care, and it shows in our interactions with every client. 

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