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Turn Up The Heat…

Published 09/16/2010 @ 3:42 pm

Living in the Houston metroplex, we are no strangers to the heat and humidity.  Ordinarily we try to escape it every chance we can by seeking refuge inside with cool brisk air from one of our best friends…”the air conditioner”!

Believe it or not, that is not the case for everyone.  The Bikram Yoga fan thrives on the heat and humidity year round!  My wife is a Bikram “Yogie”, and loves it, and enjoys going as often as she can.  Actually, she is upset that she can’t enjoy her Bikram “fix” right now!  She is currently pregnant (Yeah!!!), and her doctor said to lay off the extreme heat of Bikram Yoga.

I actually was a Bikram “Yogie” with her.  A matter of fact, I did it pretty regularly for about five months.  I must admit, it gave me lots of energy and it is VERY healthy for you.  I enjoyed the classes, and lost weight too!  The problem is, I got busy, out of the routine, then out of the habit, and then next thing you know…several months flew by.  I really need to start going again!!!!

The studio we go to is Bikram Yoga of Sugar Land.  It’s the Best!  It is owned by Amy and Elliot Levin, and is located on Highway 59 (near Hwy 6) next to St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms.  Easy to get to from anywhere in Fort Bend County, you can experience a 90 minute session of “Hot Yoga”.  The room is about 105 degrees F, and approximately 80% humidity.  When your done with the session,  you will be soaked from head to toe, but the benefits your body receives will make it all worth it!

You can pay by the session, or buy packages.  I would suggest you try their introductory package where you buy one session, and your second session within 48 hours is FREE.  Then you can buy a package that works for you.  See why Bikram Yogies say “Turn up the Heat” year round.  Stop by and try out a class.  If you stick with it, be sure to use a TCRN Preferred Customer Card to SAVE 10% on your session packages!  Oh yeah…don’t forget to bring a hand  towel and bottled water, you’ll need it.  Your first time if needed, you can rent a mat and beach towel to put on it.

Give me your comments, and try it out!

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