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Doing Business the Old Fashion Way

Published 09/03/2010 @ 3:43 pm

Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land says “Relax…and Enjoy the Difference”.  Some may remember the days of doing business on a handshake.  Believe it or not, a “handshake” sealed the deal.  That’s how my grandfather’s made their first car deal, but that was year’s ago.  In more recent years, walking in to a car dealership has been compared with having a root canal…no fun at all.  Classic Chevrolet has changed that though, and the TCRN Sugar Land Network prides itself on truly having the Best Businesses in Sugar Land!

From the moment you park, you won’t notice a foot race to see who can tackle you first as you get out of your car.  You are free to get out and actually look around.  Imagine that?  Now, someone will soon come out to see if you have any questions, or need assistance, but if you say “I’m just looking right now”…they will let you look, and simply give you a business card and let you know that they are there if you need assistance.  It is a very refreshing concept, but has been missing for more than 50 years.

When you do have questions, or have selected a vehicle, your sales person will do the rest.  What I mean is, at Classic Chevrolet, the sales person is the only person you will need to deal with when it comes to buying your vehicle.  You don’t have an army of managers that will come out and try to “close the deal”.  The sales people at Classic Chevrolet are empowered to negotiate a discounted and fair price for the vehicle, and will be the easiest car purchase you’ve ever made…unless you have purchased from Classic before!

It’s no wonder why Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land is the fastest growing Chevy dealer in not just Houston or Texas, but the entire United States!  From customer service to selection, and price to the staff, Classic Chevrolet sets the benchmark for the automotive industry.

If you currently own a General Motors product, they have an award winning parts and service department too.  When you’re ready to trade, upgrade or just need an additional vehicle, Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land will be there for you.  Whether you want a quality pre-owned vehicle, or a brand new car, truck, van or SIV, Classic Chevrolet staffs some of the friendliest people in town.  Stop by and see for yourself.  They do business the old fassion way:  a handshake and a smile!

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