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St. Michaels Emergency Rooms: Time Matters

Published 12/07/2010 @ 9:39 am

At St. Michael's Emergency Rooms, they understand the meaning of patient care, and there is only one place me and my family will go in the case of an emergency.  In fact, everyone in my family has been there, including my parents.  One of us has actually been there seven times, but I won't name who the accident prone family member is!

From the moment you walk in, their number one focus is the patient.  In most cases, they will take you to an exam room immediately, and you wait less than 10 minutes to see a doctor.  Try that taking place in a traditional hospital won't happen.  Typically at a traditional hospital ER, you have to wait hours in a waiting room.  Who wants to wait hours when you are hurt and feeling miserable.  It's called an "Emergency Room" for a reason.

For the kids, they have two pediatric rooms.  One is themed like a jungle, and the other is themed after Noah's Ark with TV's that have dvd players for kids movies, so their minds can be taken off the reason why they are there.

Even the adults have flat screen TV's in the other exam rooms, so they can be distracted from their discomfort.  It is just like being in a room at your home, but you have ER doctors and nurses there to take care of everything!

Regardless of the medical emergency, St. Michael's Emergency Rooms can address any emergency need.  Whether it is a spiked fever to a cut that needs stitches, an allergic reaction to a burn, or a stroke to a gun shot wound, St. Michael's is your best AND quickest option.  If you need to be admitted to a hospital, they can bypass all of the hospital red tape to get you in a room quicker than going to the hospital in the first place.

In an emergency, there is only one name you need to know...St. Michael's Emergency Rooms.  On your way, you can call 281 980-HELP.  Why would you go anywhere else?  They know that time matters.



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