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Every Business Needs a Coach

Published 12/28/2010 @ 1:20 am

Have you ever watched a sporting event where a team is playing without a coach?  Of course not.  If you are at a football, basketball, or a baseball game, you will find a coach on the sidelines, courtside or dugout.

Why do teams need a coach?  The answer is simple.  A coach is required to give direction to the team, and help the team be as productive as it can possibly be..., and every winning team has not just any coach, but a good coach.  In other words, the coach is an important component when it comes to winning!

Your business is no different, and like a "sports team", your business team needs a coach.  If you want to be the best in your sport, or in this case...your industry, than you need to have a coach that can guide you to victory.  Glenn Smith is the owner of the Growth Coach of Houston, and he has been coaching successful businesses in Fort Bend County for more than a decade.  

Glenn has been a successful business owner himself, and understands the many chalenges business owners and managers are faced with.  Glenn also holds a Masters in Global Leadership, and has taught numerous classes on leadership and organizational development in several graduate schools.   This allows Glenn to bring not only a "text book" knowledge, but a "hard knocks" knowledge as well!

If you want your business to maximize it's potential and profitability, then you owe it to yourself to call Glenn Smith at 281 841-6680.  Schedule an initial consultation, and see for yourself the difference a good coach can make.

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