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Address15958 City Walk Drive, Suite 250 Sugar Land TX 77479
ContactTaylor McFarland
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Sugar Land Town Square

A place where you walk everywhere and find anything.

An inviting mix of Main Street activity that attracts people early in the morning until late at night. Where working, shopping, living and playing combine to make each more rewarding. A city center that blends the lives of businesses, families, neighbors and guests in a way that makes life simply better.

A Lifestyle City Center

By combining some of the nation’s most successful retailers, businesses, a first class hotel and conference center, Sugar Land Town Square brings several elements within one 32-acre package that don’t exist together anywhere else in the region.

Main Street Retailing

A pedestrian-oriented, main-street city center and a central business district that is within walking distance of stores, services, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, entertainment and a hotel and conference center.

A Community Gathering Place

Festivals and important events take place in the centerpiece of Sugar Land Town Square: an active, 1.4 acre plaza.

A Class A Office Environment

With an inviting mix of conveniences and technology available, doing business is a pleasure at Sugar Land Town Square.



Located just 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston, Sugar Land is a strong, vibrant and diverse city. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, this emerging metropolis is one of the fastest-growing of the state’s 45 largest cities, with its population jumping from 24,529 in 1990 to 63,328 in 2000. Today, the City is home to more than 79,000. The population is diverse, prosperous and highly educated. The economy is strong. The city’s businesses are flourishing.

Sugar Land has a distinct and undeniable character that is shaped by its citizens and economic viability. The development of Sugar Land Town Square began in 1996 when Planned Community Developers, developers of First Colony, partnered with the City of Sugar Land in creating a new “downtown” for Sugar Land.

Sugar Land Town Square was created so Sugar Land residents would have a place to work, live, shop and gather. The goal was to create a sense of community pride with a place where residents could work, live, shop and gather. And, this is exactly what has happened. Town Square has reshaped the landscape of the city.

Reviews for Sugar Land Town Square

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03/07/2017 10:47 am
Looking forward to this year's Movie Under the Moon series. I think this is one of Town Square's best events that they do! My kids always look forward to it.
04/04/2015 10:58 am
SL Town Square is a great place to go for different community events. There is always so much to do!
03/30/2012 6:06 pm
Can't wait for the monthly movies in the plaza to resume.
01/31/2012 3:14 pm
There are always great things going on in the plaza.
01/21/2012 7:13 am
My family really likes coming to the Movie Under The Moon nights in the plaza. We come to almost all of them. I just wish they had them in January too. It never really gets cold here so January would be fine. We are from the north though. We love the events in the plaza though. I do not mean the no movie in January to be a negative. I just thought that maybe the reviews are monitored and want it to serve as a suggestion.
Sugar Land Town Square

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